I will never make the fraudulant claim that I am an "Epic Gamer", but along the way I landed a discord server of my own -- and you're welcome to join! It's not incessantly active on most days, but I do hang out there from time to time. It's the least disruptive, most casual way to contact me, so join at your heart's content.


Yeah! It's a rough economy these days, so here's my Paypal donation link! This domain does cost me actual, labor-garnished wages, nevertheless my budget is not posing a threat to keeping this website around. It'll stay maintained just out of enthusiasm, but if you're feeling philanthropic, my door's unlocked!


Playlist curation is a satisfying way to actualize and share an atmosphere, while also grazing the outskirts of what defines derivative work! You can also hear what I'm listening to in real time if that interests you.


Just about anything the bees can buzz about goes on my Tumblr if it's inspiring or aesthetically suiting to me in some way: flowers, linguistic inspiration, personal vagueposts, the occasional selfie, and some downright sizzling takes on marxism are some of the things to anticipate beyond that link.


No social medium has better housed my periodic, disjointed commentary on... whatever it may be that day. Sometimes I'll retweet a silly tweet or two, but in between those are ramblings of which the content is no better understood than through raw, first-hand exposure. Tread forgivingly!